The Merger of Alcon and Novartis has been Completed 

Alcon and Novartis have announced the completion of their merger. This is a very significant event in the ophthalmic world.  Alcon was already a leader is providing pharmaceuticals, lasers, and intraocular lenses. As Kevin Buehler, head of Alcon stated, “Through this merger, Alcon now truly serves the full lifecycle of patient needs across acute and chronic eye diseases, ophthalmic conditions treated with surgical procedures, and multiple options to address the correction of refractive error.” 

We have had a longstanding relationship with Alcon. Our excimer lasers are all manufactured and maintained by Alcon and much of the surgical equipment that we use at the surgery centers are manufactured by Alcon. In addition, we use Alcon intraocular lenses. Because of this, we are really excited about the merger and know that Novartis will be able to support expanded research and development which will inevitably result in new products that will help our patients.

 This is an exciting event for ophthalmology and our patients and we look forward to our future

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