During my long career in ophthalmology, I’ve been proud to play a leading role in many regional, state-wide, and national organizations dedicated to cutting-edge eye care.

Recently, I attended the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons’ meeting in San Diego.  ASCRS (pronounced ascris), is a group of some 5,000 ophthalmologists who meet annually to review what is happening in the world of eye surgery.  I served on their founding board and continue to play a role in the organization.

At the April meeting, I had the opportunity to formally review 50 of the best papers presented and then to discuss their importance at a seminar called the Clinical Carryout Session.  I shared this unique opportunity – and honor – with seven other ophthalmologists from around the country.

The essence of the general meeting and the Carryout Session is this:  impressive and imaginative improvements and innovations are being made continually in eyecare.  An amazing amount of money and energy is being spent to research and develop new and improved treatments for people with cataracts as well as for people who do not want to wear glasses or contacts.

The future is bright and clear. This is an exciting time to be an ophthalmologist and to be able to help people see better and continue to see well.

Bernie Milstein

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