For many people, cataract surgery can be a liberating experience – they have a chance to throw away their glasses. And this is true for many people.

Just about everyone over the age of 40 needs to wear glasses. They either need glasses for distance or for near. With the advent of intraocular lenses, and the improvements in the technology, combined with LASIK surgery, it is now no longer necessary to wear glasses. Particularly, if you are having cataract surgery, there are multiple options available for patients to choose from.

The ReSTOR lens, a multifocal lens, can provide both near and distance vision and LASIK surgery can cure any remaining astigmatism.

Some patients prefer a monofocal lens. The options here are lenses that correct for astigmatism or correcting the astigmatism after surgery with LASIK. Both are excellent alternatives.

Monovision, one eye corrected for distance and one eye corrected for near is an excellent choice for patients who are sure they can adjust to this type of vision. In patients just having LASIK, we always give them a simulation of the monovision using contact lenses. It is more difficult to simulate in people who already have cataracts because their vision is restricted.

The choices almost seem endless. At The Eye Clinic of Texas, we have had a great deal of experience with taking people out of glasses, whatever their age or ocular condition.



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