Teri M told us about her cataract surgery experience…

“I initially came to ECOT for a routine eye exam to update my glasses. nike air max 90 chaussure nike cortez I had a few complaints like glare and halo when I drove at night and I also felt like I saw a fog in my vision. nike air max 90 I thought my glasses were just old since I hadn’t had an eye exam in many years. Upon my exam, it was determined that I had cataracts and needed surgery. It wasn’t something I was prepared to hear that day, especially since I thought I was having just a regular exam. After speaking with the surgery counselor and again with Dr. Van, I felt confident in ECOT care and had my first cataract surgery last June. asics soldes nike free WOW is all I could say. Fjallraven Kanken mini 2017 asics I was seeing things that I hadn’t seen so bold and vibrant since I was a kid. I absolutely could not wait for the second surgery which was 2 weeks later. Once both eyes had been operated on, I now only need glasses to read. chaussure adidas zx flux I started driving at night again. adidas ultra boost nike free run I am so happy now that I was diagnosed with cataracts on that visit because you don’t realize how bad your vision is or was until after surgery and my vision is excellent!

If you or someone you know is concerned about symptoms of cataracts such as cloudy vision, glare sensitivity or difficulty with night driving or would like to learn more about cataract surgery & lens implants call The Eye Clinic of Texas, an affiliate of Houston Eye Associates, at 800-423-3937, visit The Eye Clinic of Texas, Google+ or facebook.com/ecot.lasik.

The Eye Clinic of Texas is an affiliate of Houston Eye Associates, the largest ophthalmology clinic in the nation.

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