Computer screens, video display terminals (VDT) and even iPads, tablets and phone screens can actually cause symptoms of dry eyes according to some important research findings. nike air max 90 new balance avis According to researchers publishing in the American Journal of Ophthalmology, users of video display screens or computer terminals are at greater risk for symptoms of dry eyes and dry eye disease (DED). adidas stan smith In this study a group of 672 young and middle-aged Japanese office workers who used video display terminals (VDT) completed questionnaires and underwent dry eye testing. fjallraven kanken sale asics france Of the 672 workers, 76.5% had definite dry or probable dry eye disease with the percentage being higher in woman than men and higher in office workers over 30 years of age especially if they used computers more than 8 hours per day. adidas nmd chaussure timberland pas cher Thus, DED is common among young to middle-aged VDT or computer screen users.

Help for Dry Eyes from Computers

It is recommended that anyone using VDT or computer screens of any type, for moderate to long periods of time or even those who notice increased dryness or grittiness should take measures to try and keep the eye surface moist and intact such as the use of lubricants, artificial tears or even more aggressive measures if the extensive use of the VDT or computer screens is a daily event. Adidas Superstar asics gel lyte v This may entail the insertion of microscopic plugs into the tear ducts and prescription eye drops such as Restasis to help you make more of your own tears.

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