The Eye Clinic of Texas wishes to share information for Houston patients about diabetes and your eyes. Diabetes can have a significant effect on your eyes and vision. Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability to produce or use insulin effectively to control blood sugar levels. Too much glucose in the blood can result in damage to your heart, kidneys, brain and the small blood vessels in your eyes. When the blood vessels in the retina swell, leak or close off completely, or if abnormal new blood vessels grow on the surface of the retina, it results in diabetic retinopathy. Those people who are at greater risk of developing diabetic retinopathy are those with  poor blood sugar control, women who are pregnant, and people with high blood pressure, high blood lipids or both. Also, people who are from certain ethnic groups, such as African-Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans, are more likely to develop Diabetic Retinopathy. Diabetes can cause vision in your eyes to change even if you do not have retinopathy. If your blood sugar levels change quickly, it can affect the shape of your eye’s crystalline lens, causing blurry vision, which goes back to normal after your blood sugar stabilizes. Maintaining good control of your blood sugar helps reduce episodes of blurry vision.

If you or someone you know has diabetes or even high blood sugar, especially if there is a family history of diabetes-you should have regular eye exams to help protect your eye health and vision. Please feel free to phone The Eye Clinic of Texasat 800-423-3937, visit The Eye Clinic of Texas or to schedule an appointment. 

The Eye Clinic of Texas is a leading eye care practice serving the greater Houston, Galveston, League City and Texas City area that provides all aspects of general, medical, surgical, laser and optical eye care services. Our Board Certified Ophthalmologists perform Laser Eye Surgery such as LASIK, Cataract Surgery & Lens Implants using advanced technology IOLs to correct complex problems such as astigmatism and near vision focusing problems including presbyopia, diagnosis and management of glaucoma, diagnosis and management of diabetic retinopathy, diagnosis and management of Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Pediatric Ophthalmology. Texas EyeWear at The Eye Clinic of Texas provides personalized consultation and fitting of eyeglasses and eyeglass lenses for greater Houston, Galveston, League City and Texas City area patients.

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