I recently returned from the annual meeting of The American Academy of Ophthalmology. As always, the meeting is a showcase of new and interesting therapies and technologies. There is a real interest in the technologies to improve and expand surgery of the lens. We are no longer focused simply on removing a cataract. We are now expanding our ability to use the lens, and lens surgery, to improve our lives.

An instrument is being developed that can examine the lens and predict and diagnose diabetes far earlier than current blood tests. Another technology is a method that would allow patients to measure their own intraocular pressures at home.

In addition to intraocular lenses that correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia, there are lenses being developed that will allow for them to be focused once they are placed into the eye and even lenses that will focus themselves. Intraocular lens technology will continue to improve and expand.

As intraocular lens technology improves, the systems to remove and replace the human lens will continue to be advanced. Improved visualization for surgeons continues to be developed and the use of lasers to assist during the surgical procedure are being perfected.

All of these new technologies will continue to improve cataract and refractive lens surgery. Many of these technologies already exist and we are able to employ them today. These are exciting times and there is an exciting future for ophthalmologists and our patients.

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