Galveston and Houston eye doctor Bernard Milstein, M.D. comments on protecting your eyes from sun damage. “Many people don’t realize the many ways and the degree to which the sun can damage your eyes and the surrounding tissue. Too much UV light can affect the surface of the cornea and actually cause an “eye sunburn” or “photokeratitis” which is uncomfortable and may temporarily impact vision. Inside the eye UV light can injure the crystalline lens turning it yellow and actually hasten the formation of cataracts. If too much sunlight reaches the retina, UV light can also cause varying types of “solar retinitis” and increase the risk of macular degeneration both of which can be sight threatening”, stated Dr. Milstein of The  Eye Clinic of Texas.

All of us are susceptible to eye and eyelid cancers from the sun. Even though the eyelid is designed to protect the eye itself from the sun, eyelid skin is very thin and fragile and can be easily damaged by the sun. The number and types of eyelid cancers are many and a cause for concern among everyone.

Thus, we should ALL take simple but effective precautions to protect our eyes and the structures inside and around our eyes:

Wear a Brimmed Hat

Use Sunscreen

Wear Proper UV Protecting Sunglasses

Using some common sense precautions goes a long way to protecting your eye health and vision.

If you or someone you know has questions about eyes and sunlight or proper UV and sun protection for eyes, please feel free to call The Eye Clinic of Texas at 800-423-3937, visit The Eye Clinic of Texas or and schedule an appointment so we can help.

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