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If you or someone you know is a Harvey victim and has lost or had their eyeglasses damaged, The Eye Clinic of Texas offices in League City and Galveston, and beginning next week in Texas City, will be offering refractions for eyeglass prescriptions and replacement eyeglasses and contact lenses at no cost.* “We have instructed our optical dispensary to simply use whatever inventory we have or can get from suppliers to replace eyewear lost in the storm at no charge for anyone in need. We also have an inventory of contact supplies and solutions we can give to anyone who needs them. Our staff will perform a refraction, also at no charge, so patients can have their eyeglasses fabricated with a current prescription. As long as supplies are available, we will do our best to help anyone in need in any of our three offices. The doctors at The Eye Clinic of Texas will being available to see anyone with an eye problem such as foreign bodies, suspected eye infections or any problem needing office treatment-also at no charge,” shared Bernard Milstein, M.D. While many offices in affected areas are closed, we are here to help those impacted by the storm.  Please call 800-423-3937 for any eyecare or eyewear needs.

*restrictions apply; while supplies last

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