By George and Sally Prill

Special to The Daily News

Published December 3, 2010

On Thanksgiving Day in far-off Minnesota, watching the gently falling snow, George and Sally Prill gave thanks for their last 10 years they were lucky enough to spend in Galveston.

Thanks for the friends and associates with whom they worked, laughed and, occasionally, cried. Thanks for Lyda Ann Thomas, Danny Weber and the Galveston City Council that proclaimed April 22, 2010, to be George and Sally Prill Day. An honor not deserved, but appreciated.

Thanks for Adler Circle — what a great neighborhood! Birthplace of Tilman Fertitta. Made greater by the purchase of our house by J.D. and Barbara Roberts; she is about to become the judge in County Court 2. The Roberts are lucky to have founding residents, Bob and Patsy Murray, next door.

The Circle embraces an ex-Mayor, numerous ex-council members, top ophthalmologist Dr. Bernie Milstein, to whom George is forever indebted and to whom he owes his sight. And then there is that unique driving force in so many of Galveston’s arenas, Kris Ann Vogelpohl.

Thanks for UTMB — Not only for those doctors and nurses who poked, prodded and cured us numerous times, but for the opportunity provided by both Jack Stobo and David Callender for George to serve on its Conflict of Interest Committee. Both of us were proud to even be a small part of the efforts after Hurricane Ike to save this irreplaceable institution.

Thanks for TAMUG — A great and growing institution, fortunate to have outstanding leadership by our friends Bowen Loftin, now in College Station, Bill Hearn, Bill Merrill and, our neighbor, Bill McMullen. It is easy to forecast a great future for this campus, particularly with the continuing support of George Mitchell, another great Galvestonian. George plans to honor his commitment to Bill Merrill to have him knighted by Queen Beatrix in The Hague after the Ike Dike is completed.

Thanks for Hospice Care Team — George is proud to have been associated with this wonderful group of nurses and social workers. This is an organization everyone can and should support with energy, money and time as a volunteer. You will be richer for it.

Thanks for TIRZ 14 — This controversial zone that cuts the island in half was chaired by George from its start. It contains the airport and the successful Evia residential development. Airport Manager Hud Hopkins had been deservedly recognized as Texas’s Airport Manager of the Year even before his unflappable efforts to rebuild after Ike.

Thanks for Vandy Anderson — the voice of Galveston. We are sure he has lost count of the number of events he was called upon to provide leadership, humor and eloquence.

Thanks for the Republican Party of Galveston County, Galveston Republican Women and The Pachyderms — the Prills left the island too early to be part of the celebration and the “thrill of victory” Republicans experienced as a result of the November election sweep.

We know, like and supported Mark Henry and his team and are certain they will move rapidly down the learning curve to provide good conservative governance in the county. We know this was a hard-fought election and there were some bitter exchanges; but we hope Jim Yarbrough’s wealth of experience and contacts won’t be lost. We count him as a friend.

Thanks for The Daily News — there will be plenty of sharp eyes watching the new county management, not the least of which will be this newspaper.

We hope Thanksgiving on the island was beautiful and y’all have a great Dickens on The Strand and a very merry Christmas.

George and Sally Prill, former islanders, live in Minnesota.


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