A study presented at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Meeting is a good reminder to those considering LASIK about how satisfied former contact lens wearers really are after having LASIK. So often contact lens wearers annoyed by the discomfort and inconvenience tend to delay their decision to have LASIK because they are unsure they will be happy after LASIK.

According to the researchers who published the study in Ophthalmologycontact lens wearers who chose to have LASIK are more satisfied with their vision a year postoperatively and even more satisfied after 2 to 3 years. After LASIK, former contact lens wearers reported higher satisfaction rates than those patients that did not have LASIK and continued to use contacts, according to the researchers.

About the LASIK Study

Twenty sites across the U.S. enrolled a total of 1,800 patients between 16 years and 60 years old who had LASIK or continued using contact lenses. In follow-up surveys conducted 2 to 3 years after the procedure, LASIK satisfaction rates were consistently high, while contact lens satisfaction rates declined steadily. The proportion of subjects expressing strong satisfaction with their contact lenses decreased from 63% at study commencement to 54% at year 3, whereas 88% of former contact lens wearers and 77% of former spectacle wearers were strongly satisfied with LASIK at year 3.Those with night vision issues such as starbursts or halos improved from 49% at baseline (during contact lenses wear) to 60% at 3 years after LASIK, according to the study.

Researchers found that LASIK reduced night driving problems and nighttime visual disturbances among each group of previous contact lens wearers and previous spectacle wearers.

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