“From time to time we get the opportunity to provide a LASIK consultation for a Houston patient who asks if they might just be too old for LASIK surgery,” shared Galveston & Houston LASIK Surgeon Bernard Milstein, M.D. nike air max bw “I recently examined a 72 year old gentleman who wanted to know if he was too old for LASIK,” shared Dr. nike air max thea NAME. asics gel kayano “In reviewing his general health he was in good shape-and after his eye exam I was comfortable that his eye health, corneal health and tear film were quite good. His retinas were normal and he had a bare trace of a cataract in one eye that had been there and stable for 3 or 4 years but it corrected to 20/20 with his -7.00 D eyeglass correction. Most importantly he couldn’t tolerate contact lenses and was a fairly active tennis player and hiker-so we scheduled him for LASIK,” explained Dr. Soldes Louboutin Milstein. “We did however explain that he was going to need to either wear reading glasses or consider having monovision to help with his near vision presbyopia focusing problem that we all have after 40 or so.”

As long as they have a tangible reason for wanting LASIK so that it will improve their lifestyle, people thinking about having Laser Eye Surgery can do so without worrying about being too old for LASIK as long as they have healthy eyes, a health cornea, sufficient tears and are free of cataracts or retinal diseases.If you are someone you know would like to find out if you are a good candidate for LASIK please callThe Eye Clinic of Texas at 800-423-3937, visit The Eye Clinic of Texas or facebook.com/ecot.lasik to schedule an appointment.

The Eye Clinic of Texas is an affiliate of Houston Eye Associates, the largest ophthalmology clinic in the nation. buy ff14 gil We are a leading eye care practice serving the greater Houston, Galveston, League City and Texas City area that provides all aspects of general, medical, surgical, laser and optical eye care services. Our Board Certified Ophthalmologists perform Laser Eye Surgery such as LASIK, Cataract Surgery & Lens Implants using advanced technology IOLs to correct complex problems such as astigmatism and near vision focusing problems including presbyopia, diagnosis and management of glaucoma, diagnosis and management of diabetic retinopathy, diagnosis and management of Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Pediatric Ophthalmology.

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