Besides being a wife, mother, beautician and all the things that go with those, I have always been involved in arts and crafts.  Crochet and embroidery were my early passions but eventually I took up to Brazilian embroidery, needlepoint, oil painting and water colors.  Greeting cards became a favorite of mine and recipients sometimes framed them.

However, my eye site began failing and I was able to do less and less.  So this spring I made an appointment with Dr. Milstein and he scheduled me for cataract surgery.

I was immediately amazed at how quickly my eye site recovered and was startled to realize how poor my site had grown.  I did not realize how its steady deterioration affected my hobbies and even how well I got around on a daily basis.

Now I can get back to the hobbies I love and can do them with more confidence and enjoyment. 

Thank you Dr. Milstein

Shirley Scott

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