About Nearsighted Progression

Anyone who has a child or teenager who is becoming more and more nearsighted each year wants to know if there are ways we can prevent the progression of myopia. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack timberland earthkeepers bottes Over the years there has been discussion of trying to under correct the nearsightedness, rather than prescribing the full correction, in order to slow down nearsighted prescription changes. Kanken No 2 new balance 2017 Researchers reporting in Grafe’s Archives for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmologystudied the effects of undercorrection of myopia on myopia progression and eye length elongation in a population of 12-year-olds. new balance They followed more than 2,000 children for 1 year and used careful analysis to consider the effects of how much near work, how much outdoor activity and the amount of time glasses were actually used as well as the degree of nearsightedness. new balance 574 louboutin femme They tested them by measuring their cycloplegic auto refraction, axial length of the eye, visual acuity and near vision focusing lag. timberland soldes The results demonstrated that over a period of 1 year, prescribing an undercorrection or full correction of myopia by wearing spectacles did not show any differences in myopia progression. nike air max 2012 Whether this would be the same result for younger children, or if the correction was prescribed in contact lenses or over a longer period of time is not certain but initially suggests that it is not helpful to under correct nearsighted children with glasses to slow myopic progression.

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