We wanted you to have the straight talk about LASIK prices in Houston. You wouldn’t believe the calls we are getting this morning about a Groupon™ ad for LASIK in Houston. A reputable group of Laser Centers in Houston is offering a $1,200 discount on LASIK if you buy a coupon from Groupon™ for $100.

THEIR PRICING FOR LASIK they say ranges from $4,800 to $5,200. So, with the coupon your price for the procedure would be $3,600 to $4,000. Add back the $100 you paid for the coupon and YOUR ACTUAL COST IS $3,700 to $4,100.

The Eye Clinic of Texas offers  All Laser Bladeless LASIK for $3,176!  ALL DAY EVERY DAY WITHOUT A COUPON!

They use state-of-the-art lasers–THE SAME ONES WE USE at The Eye Clinic of Texas! No additional or hidden charges. And we will even arrange easy payment plans with no money down.

Why would YOU spend from $525 to $925 more for an identical procedure?

Maybe YOU THINK WE ARE INEXPERIENCED OR LACK EXPERTISE? Dr. Bernie Milstein performed the first Laser Vision Correction procedure in Texas using an FDA approved laser. He is currently listed in Texas Monthly Super Doc’s and has been for over 6 years! He has also been listed in Best Doctors in America for over 11 Years, and is listed in H Magazine’s Best Doctor section. Here’s a video of our recent celebration of the first procedures done twenty years ago.     http://vimeo.com/26645966

Maybe YOU THINK WE ARE INCONVENIENT TO GET TO? We’re not in the center of Houston, but how far would you drive to save $525, or $925? We are only a 30 minute drive from downtown Houston.

A FINAL THOUGHT. When this Groupon™ offer expires, our price for All Laser Bladeless LASIK will still be $3,176!

P.S.-What about those 100’s of people who signed up for a Groupon™ offer? It would be a shame for them to be locked into an arrangement that costs them an additional $525 to $925 just because they didn’t know the truth. So, until December 15, we’ll exchange a $100 discount for their Groupon™ coupon meaning they can have All Laser Bladeless LASIK for $3,076 at The Eye Clinic of Texas! Merry Christmas!

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