Patients who are contact lens wearers and thinking about LASIK in Houston should be aware that contact lens induced dry eyes are a real clinical condition that we may need to address prior to your LASIK surgery. ugg boots pas cher “Dry eyes can be a very real problem for both rigid and soft contact lens wearers. Buy FF14 items Researchers reporting in the Eye & Contact Lens: Science & Clinical Practice demonstrated that both rigid and soft contact lenses negatively impacted the tear film surface quality. chaussure timberland femme This research is important to keep in mind when contact lens wearers present for LASIK consultations since the evaluation of the tear film quality and quantity is a critical consideration of determining the patient’s candidacy for any type of Laser Vision Correction-but especially for LASIK surgery,” commented LASIK Surgeon Dr. Da-Thuy Van of The Eye Clinic of Texas serving greater Houston & Galveston. nike requin “Given that a significant number of our Houston patients electing to have LASIK today are indeed contact lens wearers and that dry eye is probably the most common side effect of LASIK that we see with our patients, we need to be aware that some of the pre LASIK tear film abnormalities that we find are actually due to their contact lens wear and that with a sufficient amount of time without contact lens wear many contact lens wearers who want LASIK will recover a normal tear film surface quality and be able to proceed,” noted Dr. nike chaussure Van.

Contact lens patients considering LASIK or any type of Laser Eye Surgery for vision correction are encouraged to find the best LASIK Surgeons in their area and have a thorough evaluation, examination and consultation in order to find out if they are good candidates.

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