SMILE Bladeless Flapless Laser Vision Correction-Another Alternative to LASIK!

SMILE is a type of bladeless flapless Laser Vision Correction we can use to correct your vision to see clearly at distance. At The Eye Clinic of Texas we perform SMILE with the Zeiss VisuMax® Femtosecond Laser-which is the laser we have been using for several years to perform Bladeless All Laser LASIK-by using very specialized software and techniques. SMILE stands for “Small Incision Lenticule Extraction” which is the clinical description of what we actually do to correct nearsightedness. We use the VisuMax® Laser to separate a thin lenticule-a microscopic lens like disc-of corneal tissue from within the cornea. This disc is then removed through a very tiny incision and the net effect on the corneal shape corrects your nearsightedness. Unlike Bladeless All Laser LASIK there s no flap created and no cornea tissue is ablated or vaporized. This can be useful for anyone with dry eyes, any corneal surface problems and those who might participate in contact sports and need to avoid a “flap” Laser Vision Correction treatment. For some patients, SMILE may provide a better outcome. For others, LASIK is still the best option. When you come to The Eye Clinic of Texas for a free consultation we will thoroughly examine you and make recommendations on which Laser Vision Correction procedures are right for you and which ones will give you the best results for your individual situation and lifestyle needs.

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“I was extremely nervous about having LASIK eye surgery. I cannot stand my eyes being touched and I couldn’t even wear contacts because the thought of putting them in my eyes scared me!  After having the surgery, I kicked myself because I should have had LASIK a long time ago.  There truly is nothing to it, I didn’t feel a thing!  Dr. Van and her staff are truly great.”

Taryn P.

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