The Voice of Van- I recently attended the  American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeon (ASCRS) meetings in San Diego and I am very excited to learn of this new technology available for our glaucoma patients.  I attended a full day of glaucoma lectures.  One new thing about glaucoma treatment is the use of Ex-PRESS shunt in glaucoma surgery. It is a relatively new device that aids ophthalmologist to control eye pressures better for patients who have maximized their eye drop treatment.  It’s inserted in the eye as a surgical procedure.  The fluid inside the eye is shunted through this mini tube and drains to the conjunctival layer of the eye.  The Ex-PRESS gives a more precise control of the fluid level and thus, controls the eye pressure better.  The goal of this device is to reduce or eliminate the use of eye drops and better control the eye pressures.

Dr. Da-Thuy Van, D.O.

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