Diane M. shared her experience having All Laser Bladeless LASIK at The Eye Clinic of Texas

“I initially called The Eye Clinic of Texas for my husband to schedule him an appointment for a LASIK consultation because he needed glasses for distance and near vision and wanted to inquire about the surgery.  I went to the free consultation appointment with my husband and met with a pleasant lady named Amy.  At that point, I wasn’t considering LASIK for myself. I just wore over the counter readers and never occurred to me that LASIK could be an option.  I learned about monovision, and realized that I wanted LASIK too!  I didn’t realize how much I depended on my reading glasses until I did not need them anymore.  I can’t believe I wore them for so long and did not inquire about LASIK sooner!  My surgery was super quick and painless and I am seeing great!  Thank you Dr. Milstein.”

If you or someone you know would like to schedule a Free LASIK Consultation, or learn more about VisuMax® All Laser LASIK or VisuMax® SMILE Laser Vision Correction,  please call The Eye Clinic of Texas, an affiliate of Houston Eye Associates, at 800-423-3937, visit The Eye Clinic of Texas, Google+  or facebook.com/ecot.lasik.

The Eye Clinic of Texas is an affiliate of Houston Eye Associates, the largest ophthalmology clinic in the nation. We are a leading eye care practice serving HoustonGalvestonLeague City and Texas City with offices at 1100 Gulf Freeway, Suite 114, League City, Texas 775737111 Medical Center Drive, Suite 110, Texas City, Texas 77590 and 2302 Avenue P, Galveston, Texas.

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