“I don’t think that hate is a strong enough word to say about my glasses. timberland earthkeepers bottes I despised them. They would slip off my face, fog up and hurt the bridge of my nose. I had LASIK monovision about a month ago. nike air max 95 Initially it took me some time to understand why I would have one eye for distance vision and one eye for near vision. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Dr. chaussures running nike Milstein recommended I try contacts for a few days to simulate what my vision would be after surgery. timberland discount cheap ffxiv gil I had never worn contacts before so that was a little unsettling but it took no time for me to adjust to those contacts and I knew immediately that I wanted surgery. nike air max classic bw soldes I can’t believe how quick it was and how immediate my vision was after surgery. adidas pas cher I went home and took a long nap and that evening I was checking work emails and watching TV with no problem. ugg australia pas cher The staff at The Eye Clinic of Texas was extremely professional and caring and was extremely knowledgeable about LASIK. They definitely can put you at ease and answered all my questions. ugg homme I have told several friends about the procedure and will all be grateful for Dr. Milstein and The Eye Clinic of Texas.” Tom M.

If you or someone you know would like to schedule a Free LASIK Consultation, or learn more about VisuMax® All Laser LASIK or VisuMax® SMILE Laser Vision Correction, please call The Eye Clinic of Texas, an affiliate of Houston Eye Associates, at 800-423-3937, visit The Eye Clinic of Texas, Google+ or facebook.com/ecot.lasik.

The Eye Clinic of Texas is an affiliate of Houston Eye Associates, the largest ophthalmology clinic in the nation.

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