Cataract Surgery & ReSTOR® Lens Implant Patients Talk About Their Experiences at The Eye Clinic of Texas serving greater Houston in Galveston, Texas City & League City.

Ronald F headshot

Prior to cataract surgery, I wore bifocal glasses and had a hard time driving at night and working on the computer. I had the ReSTOR lens implanted in both eyes and now I do not have to wear glasses at all and I see as well as I did when I was 20 years old!

Ronald Field - Industrial Specialist

Cathy W Headshot

I have worn glasses since I was 5. I decided to give myself the gift of never having to wear glasses again. Dr. Milstein decided I needed lens replacement surgery and recommended the ReSTOR lens. This is a process that takes time but on the day of my last surgery I went home and took a nap and when I woke up, I could read everything, even the small print! I never dreamed I would never have to wear glasses again. It was well worth the investment. Thank you Dr. Milstein!

Cathy Webb, 57 - Retired

Anthony W Headshot

After wearing glasses for 22 years and not being able to drive after dark any longer, I never imagined that my vision could be as good as it is now. Dr. Van recommended the ReSTOR lens when I was diagnosed with cataracts. After the surgery, I was able to get my driver's license renewed without glasses or restrictions. I can now read small print without glasses. I recommend this procedure to anyone who is a good candidate. You won't regret doing it!!!

Anthony Weare, Retired
ReSTOR 2009

Ruth L Headshot

I came to Dr. Milstein in hopes of getting LASIK. Unfortunately, I was not a candidate because I had cataracts. He implanted the ReSTOR lens during my cataract surgery and I can see beautifully now! It had been years since I could actually see. Since the surgery, it is like waking up in a whole new world with lots of color.

Ruth Lemke, Recyling Plant
ReSTOR 2009

Gilbert G Headshot

Without a doubt, the ReSTOR procedure was the best investment in myself I have ever done. The final results were beyond expectation, with excellent vision near and far.

Gilbert Gustafson, Contractor/Ranching
ReSTOR 2009

George P Headshot

I am so happy with my ReSTOR lens. Before I had my cataract removal and the ReSTOR procedure, I could barely drive at night because of blurring. I could not read without reading glasses. Ever since I had the ReSTOR procedure, I now read even smaller print without reading glasses. I have been very satisfied with the whole process.

George Pittman, Home Builder
ReSTOR 2009

Joann H Headshot

I am so very excited and pleased about the outcome of my surgery. No pain and wonderful results. I am amazed!

Joann Hutton, Legal Secretary
ReSTOR 2005

Robert W Headshot

I am reading and seeing at a distance so much better now. And surgery was easy, too.

Robert Wilson, Retired
ReSTOR 2005

Leroy S Headshot

I wore glasses for so long, people hardly recognize me since I had surgery. And I now see both far and near without any help. Would I do this surgery again? Definitely!

Leroy Schaper, Business Owner
ReSTOR 2005