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By Bernard Milstein, M.D.

Is All Laser LASIK for You?
If your lifestyle, occupation or recreational activities would be more enjoyable or productive with being dependent of eyeglasses or contacts to see at distance-All Laser LASIK might be right for you! If you just want freedom from the hassle of glasses or contacts-All Laser LASIK might be a choice for correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Confidence & Trust through Experience and Caring
The eye surgeons at The Eye Clinic of Texas have been performing LASIK since 1991. With 25 years of experience as pioneers of laser eye surgery our results and outcomes are consistent with the LASIK Quality of Life Collaboration Project between the FDA, National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense and data from PROWL studies reported by the FDA. We know and have demonstrated that with thorough screening and preoperative testing, careful patient selection and realistic patient expectations, in the hands of experienced surgeons, there is little negative effect and LASIK is safe, effective, predictable and beneficial over long time horizons.

About All Laser LASIK
LASIK is a type of refractive eye surgery called "lamellar eye surgery" because it is performed between the layers of the cornea. All Laser LASIK is actually a precise two-step procedure.

The first step of the procedure involves making a "flap" with a Zeiss VisuMax® Femtosecond Laser. In the second step the cornea is gently reshaped and refocused using the Alcon® Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Excimer Laser.

All Laser LASIK Eye Surgery at The Eye Clinic of Texas employs some of the most advanced technology available for Laser Eye Surgery patients.

The Zeiss VisuMax® method is an all-laser approach to creating your corneal flap-the thin flap of tissue that your LASIK surgeon gently folds back in order to perform your LASIK procedure.

  • The first step is to create a "flap" under which the laser vision correction is to be applied. Our LASIK surgeons create LASIK flaps with the Zeiss VisuMax® Femtosecond Laser so that your LASIK Surgery will actually be done as a Bladeless All Laser LASIK procedure. Certain patients who were not previously good LASIK candidates due to somewhat thin corneal tissue, may in fact be approved for Zeiss VisuMax® All Laser LASIK.
  • The second step is to carefully fold the "flap" over and allow the inner layer of the cornea to be visible so that the excimer laser energy can be applied. The actual application of the Allegretto Wave? Eye-Q Excimer Laser can take from 2-15 seconds depending on the amount of correction that you require.

How does the VisuMax® method work?
Tiny pulses of laser light pass harmlessly through the outer portion of your cornea and for a uniform layer of microscopic bubbles just beneath the surface of your eye. The Zeiss VisuMax® has target tolerances that are superior to any other femtosecond laser. Just prior to LASIK surgery, the ophthalmologist can lift the corneal flap by gently and easily separating the tissue where these bubbles have formed.

Zeiss VisuMax® procedure image

Is it painful?
No, the procedure is gentle and we apply some numbing drops to the surface of the eye to make sure you are comfortable.

How long does it take to create a flap using the VisuMax® method?
The creation of the flap itself takes only about 15-20 seconds per eye. Including preparation time, the LASIK procedure takes about 10 minutes.

What are the benefits of the VisuMax® method?
The Zeiss VisuMax® is the most advanced LASIK femtosecond laser available in the U.S. today. It has been used internationally for more than 5 years, but has only been recently available in the U.S. The Zeiss VisuMax® provides safety and comfort features to patients that are years ahead of similar lasers. The VisuMax®'s unique curved patient contact surface allows a more natural fit and significantly reduces any pressure sensation during the procedure. Less pressure allows the patient to retain vision throughout the procedure. This results in the most comfortable flap creation procedure available today. For further comfort and convenience VisuMax® has an integrated system that allows the bed to adjust to patient movements during the procedure. Because of this, patient movements made during the procedure will not adversely affect the results.

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You should feel free to discuss any fears, concerns, questions or thoughts about Bladeless All Laser LASIK or any Laser Eye Surgery procedure for Laser Vision Correction with our doctors or the staff. Our staff is available to answer any questions or to address any needs you may have regarding Laser Vision Correction at The Eye Clinic of Texas. We will be pleased to spend whatever time is necessary to review any information about Bladeless All Laser LASIK, what to expect on surgery day, follow-up care, fees and affordable “no money down” easy monthly payment plans that will fit into your budget.

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