Laser Eye Surgery Technology

Bladeless All Laser LASIK with VisuMax®

The VisuMax® Method is an all laser approach to creating the corneal flap, the first step in the LASIK procedure. VisuMax® provides the most sophisticated and accurate technology for corneal flap creation available today for laser eye surgery patients’ procedures and we trust this advanced technology to deliver exceptional results. Our commitment is to provide you with the ultimate in comfort, safety, and outstanding vision. LASIK with VisuMax® can help you achieve this.

Allegretto Wave Eye-Q® Excimer Laser

During the second step of the LASIK procedure your LASIK surgeon reshapes the corneal surface with an excimer laser. At The Eye Clinic of Texas we use the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q® Excimer Laser system to customize treatments to the patient's individual prescription and cornea while aiming to improve what nature originally designed. Wavefront Optimized treatment considers the unique curvature and biomechanics of the eye, preserving quality of vision and addressing the spherical distortions than can induce glare and night vision reduction. 

Please feel free to discuss any fears, concerns, questions or thoughts about LASIK or any Laser Eye Surgery procedure for Laser Vision Correction with our eye doctors or the staff. We will be pleased to spend whatever time is necessary to review any information about the Laser Eye Surgery procedures, what to expect on surgery day, follow-up care, fees and affordable "no money down" easy monthly payment plans that will fit into your budget.

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