Near Vision Monovision LASIK

Monovision Laser Eye Surgery for Laser Vision Correction of far and near vision is one possible technique we can use with patients who need help with seeing up close, arm's length and far away. Many people use reading glasses to correct presbyopia, the normal, age-related loss of close-up focusing ability. They use their eyeglasses for reading and other close work, taking them off when looking at objects that are farther away, or they use bifocals for clear distance and near vision.

Standard refractive surgery procedures cannot correct presbyopia. At The Eye Clinic of Texas, we have found that monovision works well for patients over the age of 40, with presbyopia. Monovision is a specialized refractive surgery technique that enables one eye to focus at near, while the other eye is treated for distance vision. Having each eye focus at different distances can reduce or eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contacts.

It may seem difficult to get used to this, but after a trial of monovision with contact lenses, most patients are comfortable. Because presbyopia is due to the inability of the lens to focus, intermediate distances may be compromised with monovision.

We have extensive experience using monovision at The Eye Clinic of Texas, and have many patients who are pleased that they do not have to wear glasses for distance and reading. Adjustment time is minimal for most patients. This procedure is performed only after a successful trial of monovision using contact lenses.

With LASIK, at The Eye Clinic of Texas, your LASIK surgeon will use an excimer laser to gently reshape your cornea to correct your dominant eye for distance vision and will leave your other eye slightly nearsighted, so that you can use that eye for close-up vision.

Be sure to discuss your options with your ophthalmologist to choose the best refractive procedure for your needs, if surgery is a good option to correct your presbyopia. At The Eye Clinic of Texas, we always test monovision with contact lenses before refractive surgery to be sure you will be comfortable with the adjustment following surgery and will achieve the results you desire.

Please feel free to discuss any fears, concerns, questions or thoughts about Monovision LASIK or any Laser Eye Surgery procedure for Laser Vision Correction with our eye doctors or the staff. We will be pleased to spend whatever time is necessary to review any information about the Monovision LASIK procedure, what to expect on Monovision LASIK surgery day, follow-up care, fees and affordable "no money down" easy monthly payment plans that will fit into your budget.

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